Hacienda Villa makes sex-positive culture, values and education accessible to a mainstream audience.


Welcome to Life at the Villa

Brooklyn Bushwick's first Sex Positive Intentional Community

Hacienda Villa is a sex-positive intentional community based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The community was co-founded by Andrew Sparksfire, a real-estate entrepreneur, investor, and activist, and world-renowned sex educator Kenneth Play. The Villa has fourteen full-time members, fifteen bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, three kitchens, as well as a basement event space, backyard fire pit, hot tub, gazebo, and outdoor bar and lounge. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, relationship practices, and professions. We are sex-positive and radically inclusive. We celebrate all safe, consensual sexual expression among adults. As an intentional community, we live together deliberately by principles of inclusivity, compassionate communication, stewardship, self-actualization, and social responsibility. The Villa is a home first, and we practice responsible hedonism, with the belief that we can indulge all our pleasures while being considerate of everyone’s needs and boundaries.

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    A Different Kind of Family

    Hacienda Villa encourages freedom and self-expression.


    We celebrate sex among consenting adults in all its forms and expressions. We provide a safe space for sexual empowerment and growth.


    We refine our own connections in service of cultivating an inclusive tribe. We feel and offer a sense of belonging.


    We are committed to diversity of age, bodies, gender, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and profession.


    We cultivate a generosity of spirit, assuming the good intent of those around us. We practice deliberate acts of kindness.

    Compassionate Communication

    We dedicate ourselves to loving, authentic, and nonviolent dialogue. We aim to clearly communicate our boundaries and ask for what we need.


    We keep our word. If we cannot, we strive to rebuild trust by co-creating a win-win.


    We take pride in the way we care for our houses and event spaces, creating not only a comfortable environment for ourselves, but also an inspiring space to share with others.

    Responsible Hedonism

    We encourage the full spectrum of sensual stimulation, while safeguarding our own health and considering the wellbeing of others.


    We magnify each other’s creative, professional, relational, sexual and romantic growth, elevating each other towards our most honest self-expression.

    Social Responsibility

    We live by our principles outside of the home. We advocate for sex-positive culture and education in the world and collaborate with those who share our values.


    An intentional community that wraps its arms around you with warmth.


    Hacienda Villa Community Leaders

    Kenneth Play

    Kenneth Play

    Andrew Sparkfire

    Andrew Sparkfire

    Lila Donnolo

    Lila Donnolo

    PR Manager
    Kenneth Play

    Kenneth Play

    Andrew Sparkfire

    Andrew Sparkfire

    Lila Donnolo

    Lila Donnolo

    PR Manager

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